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Creative Consultants will work to enhance the field of Sterile Processing by speaking, consulting, teaching and networking with other professionals. Enhancing certification among employees increases productivity, work quality, eligible for promotion, job satisfaction, and customer satisfaction. 

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What is SPD/CS?


In every medical facility there is an area or department which is responsible for reprocessing and distributing instruments and patient care equipment.  These areas also include the managing and monitoring of the sterilization processes for that facility.  This area is the focal point for all instruments, trays, patient equipment and supplies for that facility.

It seems almost every facility calls the area with these responsibilities a different name.  They do primarily the same functions and have the same responsibilities to assure the safest patient care.  

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 There are many reasons to increase your knowledge of what goes on around you. When this course was initially designed it was intended for individuals that have been in the field for 3 or more years, but they want to enhance their resume. This in turn allowed them to advance their pay and responsibilities in the health care industry. More individuals are looking to get their foot in the door at a health care facility without starting out at minimum wage. So, if you are someone that has earned a High School Diploma with a desire to get a behind the scenes look at what goes on in health care industry. Come explore this field of sterile processing and distribution. There is a growing need for health care staffing agencies. You can use this certification as a stepping stone to get hands on experience before entering into the surgical field. Regardless of if you have been in the field for awhile or you’re a rookie just trying to figure out your niche we can help you gain the knowledge that can open new doors and careers you didn’t even know existed in the continuously growing and expanding field of health care.  

Graduates will be eligible to sit for the

National Certification Examination

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Creative Consulting was established in 1983 by Harley D Berlant to train those wishing to either work in the field of Central Service or to be eligible to take the Certification exam.  Since that time we have included seminars for those wishing to maintain their certification.  We have also worked as consultants in the medical community locally and internationally.  

One example of this is Mr. Berlant assisted in creating a course to teach those in the Bahamas about regulations and requirements in the field of surgical supply and sterile processing to improve the quality of work produced in the hospitals. 

We have been functioning as a resource to all former students and those currently working in the field of Sterile Processing.  We have been incorporated and provided resources to all institutions in the medical community wishing knowledge of the Sterile Processing and Distribution field.  


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