Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register for the class? Fill out the application form mail it in with the $200 registration fee. 

How long is the class? 15-18 weeks depending on the holidays. 

How much is the class? The registration is $200 and must be sent in with the application. The Tuition is $600 and can be paid off during the class. 

Are there jobs available? There are many jobs at this time. We will advise all students of recent openings at the time they become available. We are notified of openings before they are made public in open job boards. You must apply for any job you may want. 

How much does career in SPD pay? Local potential income ranges from $10 - $16 per hour for a starting salary. The pay depends on experience and the size of the hospital. Certified applicants can get more, depending on the facility and the manager. You’ll find an annual salary survey at  

Can I work anywhere with a certification in SPD? Yes, with the SPD Certification, since it’s an Internationally recognized certification you’ll be able to work in the United States and multiple countries.  

Why should I attend the Seminar? Networking with others in the field. First notification of openings. Early exposure to what the field of SPD involves. 

When do I need to start getting my continuing education credits for re-certification? As soon as possible.  Use a folder to save all educational programs you attend. 

Can I get my CEU's/Points online? Yes!  There are several sites to get them and many are free.  You must get them one at a time, but the major websites such as and have the most information on the subject.  Some other websites for education are: and other companies such as Kimberly-Clark, KEM medical and 3M. 

What if I lost my certificate? Contact us with your graduation class, name, location and date and we will mail a copy of one out to you for $20.00. 

Are all educational programs approved? NO! Most unfortunately are not, so contact the organization ASAP and find out how to get them approved.